The Truth About Furniture Construction

What Do You Need to Know About Furniture Construction?

Hello everyone… today we wish to enlighten you about internal construction stories in the world of Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs. In the world of furniture there are many companies that are absolutely fantastic at making their product “look” like wonderful quality pieces.

It is very important to note that while a product has a great look on the showroom floor, there are many factors to consider when it comes to reliability that are hidden inside the Sofa etc… When you are comparing different sets it is important to know about the construction materials that are being used and how they are actually assembled.

It is a really good idea to ask the sales person that you are with what type of wood the factory is using, for example. In most cases we should be able to answer with Maple, Birch or some other common species. With so much good wood available her in Canada,  Canadian made furniture is often a good choice.

Flexsteel Sofa Construction

– You need to know if they are using MDF or particle board since they typically are not made as strong as an actual solid wood frame.

– It is important to find out whether they are nailing or screwing the frame together. Better frames are usually glued and screwed together with some type of tongue and groove joints, double doweled and corner blocked.

– Find out if they are adding stabilizer bars to the frame and how everything is being held in place so that it can’t shift and bunch up. Quality products will have channeled pockets to keep everything in place for years to come.

– Is there additional webbing in place to provide years of support to the seating or the backs?

– Did the factory take the time to fully wrap the frame or is there wood exposed directly to the fabric which could cause damage to the fabric.

All of these questions should be answered in order to identify what type of product you are actually looking at purchasing. It will also help you to get a good idea as to what type of price point would be justified in the asking price of the furniture.

The sales staff at Perfect Home are well trained to answer these and any other questions you may have before  you make your next important investment. Till next time… happy shopping!


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