Solid Wood Furniture – Is it Worth Investing In?

Is Solid Wood Furniture Worth the Price?

Solid Wood Furniture – People today are always looking for the best value in the market. It is important to remember when looking for new furniture for any room in the home, that there are many key differences in what you are seeing in the market place. When dealing with bedroom or dining room furniture for example, keep an eye out for something that is made from solid wood. 

Damaged Veneer-Tall

It is likely that a majority of product that you see will be made from laminate or a veneer.While there are some advantages to this type of product there are some distinct draw backs.

  • With Laminates and veneers you will always have the exact same look on a mass produced scale.
  • It always starts out looking perfect however once there is a scratch in the surface or if there is a lifting or peeling, there is literally nothing that can be done with the piece.

Sapphire Bedroom Set
Canadian Made Sapphire Bedroom Set

 When you are looking at solid wood product you have a piece of furniture that can last you a lifetime.

  • It can be sanded down to re-finish in other colors, should you decide to change the décor in the room.
  • It is also very simple to remove surface scratches that are common in our daily lives.
  • In the case of locally made wood furniture it is also important to note that it will be acclimatized for our harsh Calgary climate. 

There is one thing that you must keep in mind when you are looking at solid wood however, it is a natural material and as such it has a unique footprint. There is a grain that will always be evident no matter the color of stain that you choose. There may be knots in the wood panels that will also show and there will be no discernable pattern in these character marks. This adds not only a level of charm and warmth to the piece but it also means that your particular product will be unique.

M-B2590 Calistoga Bedroom Collection
M-B2590 Calistoga Bedroom Collection

When you add all of this together it equals a lifetime piece of furniture that is impossible to recreate in anyone’s home but yours. 

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