Payment Options – How you can afford it all without waiting.

Today we will be talking all about everyone’s favorite topic… MONEY!

Owingsville Dining Room Collection

When you are out and about in the world of furniture these days you have many payment options available. It’s obvious that you can use your Debit card or Credit card but many retailers will also offer additional payment methods. While it is a good idea to do your research with regard to the companies that are out there, often you may find they offer a valuable service that could be beneficial to you.

When used correctly, there are many great opportunities to free up your money by using someone else’s for the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc… however it is important to have someone walk you through the potential pitfalls that could impact you. In most cases, the company providing you with these terms will offer them completely interest and payment free.

This is a fantastic offer and well worth using to your advantage so long as you have the ability to pay the balance off in full before the term expires. Should you pass the term without full payment, they may charge you for the interest going back to the original purchase date and at a very high interest rate. There is no reason to fall into the trap of being penalized if you are armed with this knowledge in advance. Most companies are working with a completely open contract, which allows you to make payments against the balance owing at your convenience and well in advance of the final due date.

Buy More-Save More

The beautiful thing about these payment options is that, typically speaking, when you working on furnishing a specific room in your house you may have a limited budget. This may force you to complete only a portion of your room at the moment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have it all; the tables, area rug, lamps and art work that complete your living space along with that new Sofa and Loveseat?

Keep in mind that our goal here at Perfect Home, is to help you complete the room that you want by providing you with all the resources you need to succeed. Until next time….happy shopping!

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