How to Choose Dining Room Furniture for Your Home

What Do You Need to Consider When Selecting Dining Room Furniture?

There many options to think about when you are looking at purchasing furniture for your dining room. The construction and quality, design and colour can have a major impact on the final appearance of the room as well as the long term satisfaction resulting from your investment.Americana Glass Top Table Set

When shopping for dining room you need to have all of the information about your space in order to ensure that what you purchase will be not only adequate for your room but also your lifestyle and needs. Make sure that you carefully measure the room to find out the space limitations if there are any. Always allow for the fact that all of the chairs surrounding the table will need to be pulled out to allow for comfortable walkways and seating.

It is a great idea to snap some photos of the room and if it is an open concept make sure that you have photos of the surrounding areas to match or compliment the color scheme that you already have in the space. Once you are in the store and we have all of the measurements and requirements there are other factors that you will want to consider.

Since there are many options available in solid wood, veneers, laminate or even solid glass tables, you should know some of the key differences. -When dealing with solid wood tables you will have natural characteristics in the wood that will provide you with uniqueness and charm. They will allow for future changes in finish and are designed to last for many years to come.

-When it comes to veneers it is important to note that not all veneers are created equal. Some companies use a very thin layer of wood veneer on top of a particle board or medium density board. In other cases you have a much more substantial solid wood veneer on top of a solid wood table. The use of 2 types of wood is used in order to keep the cost more reasonable.D254-12-Brighton Round Dining Collection

-In the case of laminate tops it is much easier to give the table top a design that would never occur in nature but makes the table top look very sharp. This is accomplished by printing a picture on a large piece of paper and bonding that picture on to the top of the table.

-Glass tables are still very common in the market place and provide a very modern and stylish look. They are very solid and stable as well as easy to wipe clean. The glass is tempered and extremely difficult to break however it is noteworthy that there can be scratches that will accumulate over time if the table is not properly covered or protected.

In all cases there is one last aspect that we feel you should be aware of. If the table that you have selected has a leaf or extension make sure that you have a plan to keep it safely stored.

Some tables have a self storing butterfly leaf that comes up from the middle of the table, and others have an extension on each end of the table that will slide out. Another table design may have a separate piece or two that must be stored elsewhere in the home. Ensure that if that latter is the case that you always store these leaves laying flat and on the same level of your home as the table itself. If the leaf is stored standing on end or in the basement for example it is possible to cause the leaf to warp and it may no longer fit in your table.  

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