Fabric Choices for Furniture

Furniture Fabric Choices

It is important that your furniture is made with high quality fabrics.

Natural fabrics can consist of leather, linen, cotton and wool.
Synthetic fabrics generally consist of acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester and rayon.

The most commonly used fabric for covering furniture in is polyester and polyester blends.  Being one the most durable of the synthetic choices  it’s also wrinkle resistant and better at eliminating crushing of napped fabrics plus being more fade resistant.  One exceptional blend is polyester blended with Olefin which is good for handling heavy wear.  Cotton is also makes a durable blend but isn’t as stain resistant as the polyester family.  Nylon can also be used in a blend as it makes for one of the strongest fibers for upholstery as it doesn’t easily wrinkle or soil but can tend to fade and pill easier.

Thread count will also help determine the ruggedness of a fabric as the higher the thread count the more durable.  Graded by how many threads are in 1 square inch area.

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