Extended Furniture Warranty – To Buy or Not to Buy

Extended Warranty – To Buy or Not to Buy

Debating the merits of Protection plans than are available as an add-on to your furniture purchase can in some cases cause a negative reaction. There has been so much misinformation and distrust associated with this type of coverage that it is hard for the average consumer to decide if this additional investment is something that they truly need to make.

An additional charge on an electronic power cord at $1.29 for protection seems negligible and even silly, but what it does do is offer protection against damage or malfunction. The item itself can be the determining factor.

One has to measure the value of the protection against the item itself and its functionality and application.Suppose you are buying furniture for your home and you have young children. They are going to be on top of the coach, sectional, chair or ottoman or they might be drawing and coloring on or around the newly acquired dining table. In this situation you may want to seriously consider the undeniable value of a warranty.

The value and benefit of the additional warranty to protect your furniture investment against:

spilled-wine on table

  1. food and beverage spills,
  2. accidental rips and tears or burns, 
  3. possible human and pet bodily fluids,
  4. pen ink and crayon marks from budding  young artists.

The chances of these negatively impacting your newly purchased furniture are considerable. You are likely a candidate for a Protection Plan that can give you the peace of mind  and that, should  you have an accident, you are covered. 

In addition to these common situations you are also covered for the dreaded “dye transfer”. You know the one from those inexpensive blue jeans that you bought . Yes, the ones that are “not dye fast”.

You should also consider your own routines as coverage includes:

stained leather couch

  1. cosmetics,
  2. nail polish,
  3. household grease,
  4. liquid marks on the dresser,
  5. water rings on the coffee table,
  6. heat marks and scratches on the dining table.

Satisfaction GuaranteedFurniture warranties can cover all this and offer you a take home kit to address the immediate need after the accident. Should that fail a call to the 800 number will send out a professional service to take care of the problem. The final option you may have is to request replacement of the item.

Because furniture purchases may be thousands of dollars and are an investment that you have to live with for a very long time, an Exteneded Furniture Protection Plan is something you should consider. It can give you the peace of mind that, if that unfortunate accident does happen, well, you’re covered. Let’s face it…. Life Happens!

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