Made to order…For Mom


Made to Order…for Mom – Calgary and Airdrie 

Mom Works Hard

Mom works hard. She’s up at the crack of dawn with breakfast ready and goes all day long; through her career, school, practice, homework, lessons, dinner, and everything that comes with being a great mom. She also loves what she does so why not return the favour and help her take a load off? Perfect Home has the perfect chair for your perfect mom. Customizable in hundreds of different colours and fabrics, this accent chair would be a great way to help relieve some of that busy mom day… everyday.

$599.00 Made in Canada.

Solid wood. Made to order… for mom. While you’re at it; why not set the scene with some beautiful art & accessories to go with your new accent chair? Perfect Home has an abundance of stylish art work and accessories to brighten any home.
#HappyMothersDay from #YourPerfectHome.
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