Do You Sweeten Your Home With Accented Decor?

Accent furniture and accent décor are an essential part of any decorating formula.

No matter what room you’re decorating, at least some of the items displayed must stand out. No color. No pattern. No life. Accent furniture and accent décor breathes much needed air into many a room. So, here are a few things to consider to add that much needed element to any room.

Accent Wall

Painted Accent Wall

Probably the most well-known of its accent cousins, the accent wall adds character to any room. Otherwise known as the feature wall, it’s usually found in master bedrooms and the like. It can come in many shapes and sizes – I often find those walls which have different dimensions to the others around them work best as they already stand out. But, accent walls don’t always have to be grand and audacious. Being subtle works just as well.

Bare brickwork or a complimentary tone with the rest of the room works wonders! Accent walls are perhaps the most important accent feature, because they make they make the room seem larger by adding an extra dimension. By disrupting the identical four walls tradition, you’re immediately drawn to a particular part of the room. Your eyes then wander from there, taking in each detail with more interest than you otherwise might have without the all-important accent wall.

Accent Chairs

1201-Upholstered Chair

One couch just doesn’t do it anymore. Whenever you entertain guests, the problem of enough seating haunts us all. I hate the awkward moment when there’s one person left standing, or two or three for that matter! That’s where the importance of accent furniture comes in, or rather accent chairs! They’re vital to any living room – accent chairs offer extra seating, but without taking up too much space. Also, they add some much needed style and color to a room. And the best part is you have complete free reign to be as creative as you want!4

Accent Pillows

Decorative Pillow Sets

Otherwise known as throw pillows, accent pillows add consistency to a room that’s pleasing on the eye. The great thing about accent pillows is that you can design your own with whatever pattern or color you wish.



Accent Piece

Upholstery Sofa and LoveFrom artwork, to pottery, and from rugs to other display items, ‘accent piece’ encapsulates it all. The accent part of the name is obvious, it accents the rest of the room. If it isn’t the same shade, it’s a similar one. If it isn’t the same color, it’s a complimentary tone. Accent pieces, when used right, help create an environment that’s consistent and classy. The great thing about artwork and pottery is that the possibilities with both are endless. You can always find something to match your vision.

A rug is an essential part of the floor décor family. And, floor décor sits under the accent décor umbrella. It sums up what accent décor is all about: it has a functional side to it, but its use is just as important aesthetically. Floor décor can be used to compliment a room’s color scheme, or act as a statement piece to command attention. The great thing about a rug is that it’s fully customizable.

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