Comparing Wood with Veneer’s and Laminates

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Comparing wood with veneer’s and laminates:

Solid Wood

There are numerous types of wood that can be used for furniture and they range from soft to hard wood.  A few of the most common used in building furniture are:

Pine, Maple, Alder, Birch, Cedar, Fir, Ash, Cherry, Mahogany, Oak to name a few.  These woods are sturdy, long lasting and very beautiful, and will increase the price range but also hold its value.  Wood is timeless and can be handed down throughout the generations.

Wood Veneer

This is an actual layer of hardwood that is bonded to either solid wood, or a cheaper form of wood, particle board or MDF).  By using a veneer, this allows the manufacturer to build a beautiful piece of furniture at a lower cost than solid wood.  Because veneer is real wood, the grains of the wood can be just as beautiful as if it were solid.  In most cases it’s nearly impossible to detect that it is a veneer and not solid wood.  Wood veneer is eco-friendly as it is a renewable resource.  It looks more distinct and richer than laminates.


This is a product that is man-made and is usually made of a plastic.  This plastic is actually imprinted with a wood like design that can make it look like real wood.  This allows the manufacturer to create many types of furniture at an even lower cost to the consumer.  But this cannot be stained, repaired and it will not hold it’s value as well as the veneer.

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