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Questions to Ask Before Buying Leather Furniture

DR-3425 Leather Sofa
Are You Asking the Right Questions Before Buying Leather Furniture? Leather: In this installment we will be considering the complexities of buying leather furniture. In all situations you need to be asking the right questions when you are looking at leathers. For example, “faux” leather is a crafty way that some companies will incorporate the word “Leather” even though there is literally no act...
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Solid Wood Furniture – Is it Worth Investing In?

M-B2590 Calistoga Bedroom Collection
Is Solid Wood Furniture Worth the Price? Solid Wood Furniture – People today are always looking for the best value in the market. It is important to remember when looking for new furniture for any room in the home, that there are many key differences in what you are seeing in the market place. When dealing with bedroom or dining room furniture for example, keep an eye out for something that is ...
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Comparing Wood with Veneer’s and Laminates

Comparing wood with veneer's and laminates: Solid Wood There are numerous types of wood that can be used for furniture and they range from soft to hard wood.  A few of the most common used in building furniture are: Pine, Maple, Alder, Birch, Cedar, Fir, Ash, Cherry, Mahogany, Oak to name a few.  These woods are sturdy, long lasting and very beautiful, and will increase the price range but ...
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