Are Locally Owned Businesses Worth A Look?

Shopping a Local Retailer Can Benefit Both You and Our Struggling Economy. 

happy-customer Today I’d like to offer some thoughts about the importance of good customer service in the furniture retail business. With so many retailers competing for your business these days it is important for you to appreciate who you are dealing with and the impact it can ultimately have on your purchase.

Many of the bigger furniture outlets have corporate offices that pass on their policies to their stores and simply compel the manager of the store to enforce those guidelines to the letter. When you find yourself dealing with the manager in one of these locations it can be a little frustrating since each person has to follow the rules explicitly set by the company. Rarely do they handle each circumstance as unique and different.

In addition to this lack of personalized service granted by these large corporations, there no real ties to the local communities that they service. Many of them have head offices located elsewhere across this broad country or in other nations round the world.

Dealing with a smaller retailer like Perfect Home which is privately owned here in Alberta, one that truly understands that each person deserves a personal level of service, can be very refreshing. In the case of sole proprietorships, such as our stores in Calgary and Airdrie are, you can expect that you will be treated like an actual person and not just another sales transaction.Make Me Happy

There are many additional services we can provide to assist you, to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchases. It is important to us that you remain our customer for the long term. As a local small business we value each and every customer that we have the pleasure of serving.

The next time you have a furniture purchase to make you may want to ask yourself:

·        Do I expect to be treated like more than just another transaction?

·        Will my purchase help to keep our Alberta economy alive and growing?

In these hard times it may be worth the effort to shop and compare not only the price your pay for a product, but if you are helping the smaller local store owners a chance to sustain while serving you better… we may surprise you!

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